Hobbyweld 15 – Original (Small)

(83% Argon, 15% Carbon Dioxide, 2% Oxygen)

As Hobbyweld 15 has been given the name ‘universal’ gas by customers, this shows that the gas can be used for many applications.

This gas mix contains a higher CO2 content than the Hobbyweld 5 so offers combined benefits of good welding performance and minimal spatter make it very popular among the agricultural, on-site and mobile welding market.  This gas is used in structural steel work and general fabrication.

Hobbyweld 15 is recommended for use with mild steel at a thickness of over 7mm. For thinner materials, please look at Hobbyweld 5.



Capacity: 9 litre

Gas Pressure: 137 bar / 1987 psi

Volume: 1.36 m3

Cylinder Outlet: 5/8″ BSP RH Female

Hobbyweld 15 – Original (Small)


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