Maxx Cut & Weld®

Welding made rent free.

Maxx Cut & Weld® is the perfect choice for enthusiasts looking for small volumes of high quality, high performance cutting and welding gases.

TextCombining usability, convenience and welding gas excellence, Maxx Cut & Weld® packs the punch that welders need. Whether it’s from our higher pressure industrial 200Bar/230Bar cylinders, or the performance of our Maxx® weld process gases, Maxx

Cut & Weld® helps you achieve the welding results you want.

Maxx® weld process gases are purpose-designed for MAG welding giving superb weld quality, excellent penetration, minimal spatter and
low fume levels. These performance characteristics provide welders with increased productivity and improved results across a range of materials and thicknesses.

Walk away with your cylinder today.

Just provide your bank and email details plus a proof of identity, such as a utility bill or a "photo" driver's licence, then pay for your gas and cylinder deposit. That’s it! When you are ready for a refill, just pop into us and exchange it for a fresh cylinder. You only pay for the gas, your deposit automatically transfers to your new cylinder.